Objective of GBC Trust

  • To promote and facilitate German businesses in Bangladesh
  • To measure and plan the influences and impact of German businesses community in Bangladesh
  • To collect and share information on various potentials and opportunities of Bangladesh and Germany to stipulate greater understanding between these two countries in the field of trade, commerce, industry and other economic activities
  • To provide facilities to German business entities who are interested in trade, commerce and industry between Germany and Bangladesh
  • To arrange workshops, seminars, discussions and confidences on economic activities of Bangladesh and Germany
  • To arrange and facilitate high level meetings between the relevant authorities and selected representatives to uphold common interest of the members
  • To establish and maintain contract with German and Bangladeshi scholars in trade, industry and commerce and business entities through exchange of visits and otherwise
  • To enter into venture, partnership or any agreement for sharing profit and interest, cooperation or otherwise with any government, semi-government, autonomous bodies so as to directly or indirectly benefit GBC
  • To work as a contact point for German entrepreneurs and extend all possible cooperation and counselling in setting up businesses in Bangladesh